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Floating in mid-air, rising to the sky above Laguna Beach Art-A-Fair is a sculpture of a woman and man floating in space with a bouncing baby cradled by one of the man's hands and the woman's arm stretched with her hand also supporting the toddler that's between the two adults.

This is but one of the many, many sculptures that grace Laguna Beach, an artist's community with a 100+ year history as an art colony. The sculpture is located in the air above the Art-A-Fair building that faces across the Laguna Canyon Road to the Pageant of the Masters outdoor theater.

In this region, the smell of eucalyptus fills the air and high atop the hills beyond the canyon are expensive, beautiful houses that grace the hillsides past the brightly-colored  Art-A-Fair Festival building.

The fair is really a festival for the arts community and public to enjoy. Chosen as one of the top art festivals in the US, every summer a select group of artists converge in Laguna Beach with hundreds competing to be a part of this internationally juried competition. Many artists demonstrate and create on site while visitors and potential buyers roam and enjoy the spectacular work. The Art-A-Fair Festival is a must see attraction in Laguna Beach. It normally is held July through September. In addition to this exciting venue, visitors snap up tickets to the sell-out Pageant of the Masters show held each summer. Another top attraction in Laguna Beach also along this very stretch of Laguna Canyon Road is Sawdust Festival, a 40+ year tradition. Sawdust Festival also has its own permanent structure venue which is used for several festivals that include the summer Sawdust Festival held late June through early September and Winter Fantasy held weekends from Thanksgiving to Christmas (subject to change).

Location: 777 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA


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