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Kookies Souvenir Store in Huntington Beach

Kookies, 17214 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA 92649  (562) 592-2388

Mens wear at Kookies in Beach Wear Clothing and Gifts is very beach oriented and slogan specialized. Old Guys Rule on T-shirts and ball caps at this unique Huntington Beach California gift store. From body boards and wet suits to shorts, trunks, tanks and T's, to sandals, towels, and decorative Hawaiian and Southern California-styled shirts, Kookies is a great place to shop because it is not in a crowded mall. Back to Shopping

The shirts include woodie cars, palm trees, island girls, cocktail glass and even the Huntington Beach Pier, the world famous Surf City Pier, that is. Men enjoy shopping because they don't have to fool around and walk all over the place to get what they need. It is quick, simple and done!  Women can shop for men at Kookies because there are hundreds of clothing and gift items to choose from that make the shopping experience a success.  But if you are in the market for something for ladies, check out a few select items amongst hundreds, if not thousands of sizes and styles.

Spread your wings and leave downtown Huntington Beach to see some great stores in the north beach area. Kookies is on the corner of Warner Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway near Huntington Surf and Sport, Super Mex and Kozmos. Don't expect Neiman Marcus decor because you won't find it here. Packed to the brim with unusual beach gifts, bring an attitude to look. In a small shop, you'll be amazed at the number of treasures you may find.  Back to shopping

There's a very designer pillow series with embroidered scenes from Huntington Beach Pier and a palm tree, accented with bright red and white fabric with big tropical flower patterns. For holiday fun shopping, you will probably find at least one item to walk out of the store with.  The flip flops above are a great color and design with moss green background and forest green graphics that include a Hawaiian hula dancer and tropical palm trees. The shop has probably over 100 pairs of sandals and dozens of colors and graphics. All are affordable and could be part of a great theme package for the family and friends who have everything under the sun. Ladies and girls clothing items & swimwear

Kookies Beach Gifts sells hats, shirts, sweatshirt, T-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, skirts, shorts, pants, tank tops, shoes, boots, vests, windbreakers, wetsuits, sunglasses and more clothing items. For sports, they have a great 3-ball gift pack that includes beach play sponge-made football, basketball and soccer ball for a realistic pro feeling and fun play. The pack would make a great item for a party or gift exchange. Puka shell necklaces and bracelets are always popular for beach wear and they have loads of them. Boots on top of body boards are part of your shopping experience. The ladies boots in tan, mauve and ice blue are extremely popular.


Beach towels with "California" on them...simple but it says it all. This is a gift you give someone you hope will visit. It sends a message. Or capture the magic of the beach and waves with classic surf art posters with the most popular photos and images shoppers seek.