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Kids Beaches - California Kids Vacations Information & Photos

Kids beaches include a list of places where protected coves and subtle water flows make it easier for children to enjoy the Pacific Ocean and waterways of California without getting knocked over. Believe it or not, there are some locations where you will need to watch your kids like a hawk and perhaps, not let them go into the water. West facing beaches known for surfing and Northern California beaches with rocky shores where "sleeper" waves can occur are places you may want to hold onto your tiny tots. Even the gentlest beach can hold dangers for a kid who cannot swim or navigate the waters. We want your children to have fun and not be terrorized by the ocean, so with that in mind, we've searched for the protected bays, coves and play areas known for their gentle waves. Finding kid-friendly beaches in localized regions is part of our mission to make California beaches a positive experience for kid vacations. Children love the ocean, the sand and they love being outdoors. Older kids from the age of around 7 have opportunities for surfing camps and surfing lessons.  Kids in California actually  begin surfing at younger ages but the swim skill level would be a determining factor in the child's ability to cope with ocean conditions. Surfing camps and private surfing lessons are available at most urban beaches in California during the summer.

If you go to the California beach, kids' and adults' safety and enjoyment is tantamount to a good time so remember a few of the basic beach safety tips to ensure a pleasurable experience. Avoid taking glass objects (many beaches prohibit glass containers and objects), bring protective clothing and items such as sunscreen (it only takes a few minutes to get burned with fair skin), avoid going in the water at least one day after it rains due to urban run-off ( for beach water quality reports) and don't go in the ocean or let your kids go in the ocean alone.  It's always wise when you arrive at any beach to check with someone about the embankment or shelf that drops from the beach to the water. Find out how steep it is before testing it yourself.  Hopefully you will find lifeguards on duty and when you see flags posted or hear announcements, be sure to check them out.  It's not a bad idea to ask a lifeguard about water conditions, as well.