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Photos © Debbie Stock           


Photo ©  Debbie Stock 
Jack's Surf Shop used to have its upstairs rented out as rooms for surfers.  See the open windows in the two story building titled "OLD?".  Nobody lives in the building now. The upstairs suites serve as corporate offices.

Pigeons used to fill the alley behind the building..  Back then, Jack's had a huge selcection of T-shirts and surf items as it does now but it was packed into the shop perhaps a little tighter with a lot less space. 

Here's a letter from Tami who remembers Huntington Beach fondly:

I attended William D.Lamb on Yorktown from k-7  then did 8 @ Arevalos in the trac jst ?W?cause budget cuts (PROP13) closed Lamb Grad.8th june 1980 ? its starts ta get real uzzy about now but dont tell my mom...Freshmanyear EDISON !!!  then a brief stint back at the Yorktown campus then an adult ed.thing..  then off to Wintersburg  Where I excelled. I was  listed on the LATimes honor role,did HUNT.BCH. mock city council thing went bigfor the fist two weeks of Mrs. Regans just say no campain.  I was a brownie leader my mom over saw 3 -7  troops of girls tween 4 & 2o years old  My brother went to Huntington High My sister attended Oceanview High  oh settled down -- early 90s our son is 14 now  were looking at  our opptions  ya might say....... 

When I left ; in the water, northern side, looking east.was Jakes. and then on PCH was shops Things for yer Head, a bar ect.. on the oh well then way  well further up the nothern side was the Surf Side condos and a whole messs of oil horses !!  But.. on the southern side, shore end of the pier was: the other end snack bar & Maxwells ,arcades and stuff downstairs and THE Bear across the street Jack in the Box just a block S. on PCH or back the Nrthn way to Warner.   Warner & PCH where I met my husband 15 years ago  PCH & Brookhurst  and the Pier my stomping grounds
The other night my husb & I where at our beach here,seeing the moon
reflect agianst it's glass smooth surface..I sure did miss the dolphins
just then.And those damn oil platforms all lit up
                  Oh well aye...             later T~