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Ice Climbing in the Eastern Sierra - Lee Vining & Mono County, CA


Lee Vining, Calif. - Because of its north-facing canyons, Mono County is California's preferred destination for ice climbing. While coastal dwellers and travelers wearing shorts and flip flops are busy watching whales from December to March, ice climbers are packing their steel crampons, climbers boots and ice axes for a chilling thrill like no other. If it sounds a little scary, good training is available and assures you'll be on your way to enjoying a sport that's seven times safer than cheerleading and 16 times safer than tackle football!But first, you need to get the basics in rock climbing rope skills; equipment, knots, belaying and rappelling. 

So if you've never seen an ice cube, how do you get started? Sierra Mountain Guides offers all you need to enjoy a winter sport that will have you hooked. Call: (877) ICE CLIMB (1-877-423-2546).