Highway 101 or US Route 101 Map, Photos & Information

"Scenes from Highway 101" includes a few of thousands of images we've captured on that long, long road that stretches over 1500 miles from Los Angeles to Port Angeles (Washington).


This interstate highway is unique in that its numbering system would normally indicate a connector road to a more prominent highway.  Interstate Highway 101, however, is a prominent force from south to north in California, Oregon and Washington. Built in the early 1900's (around 1926), it is called El Camino Real in one portion, honoring the early route that the padres followed in their efforts to establish a missionary system throughout California.  Other road signs along the way designate the highway by other names. In California it is primarily known as "101".


Driving countless times from Orange County to the northern part of the state, our favorite route of two is always 101.  Interstate 5 sees more traffic because of its often wider lanes and higher speed limits in the Central Valley California. While 101 tries to stay along the coast and runs through the Salinas Valley, 5 is farther east and runs along the California Aqueduct water system. Like any highway, it is not without its memories, sadness and joy. We've seen many a car wreck, a landslide and even closure on rare instances. But for the most part, it is a reliable, easy to maneuver road that keeps the drive interesting along the way.  The highlights and attractions are countless. But we'll build a photo trip of Interstate 101 for you as time permits.


Highway 101 shown in the map above stretches from Los Angeles to the California's northern border it shares with Oregon. We like this highway because it traverses cities, the ocean, farmland, mountain passes and some awesome places. Highway 5 is the fast-moving, sometimes boring road that people drive to get somewhere without messing around. It runs parallel to 101 on the inland route.


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