surfboards in the sand

surfboards in the sand



Surfboards in the Sand in Huntington Beach, Calif.



Huntington Beach, Calif.--Surfboards in the Sand was created during Huntington Beach's 100 year birthday as a Centennial Celebration to honor the city's proud heritage and surfing community.


Designed and promoted to invite individuals and groups to bring their surfboards for photo ops, the September event is hosted at the Huntington Beach Pier. Expected to be an annual event, the focus of it is surfing and pictures. Serving to market the city as a surfing destination, this rare opportunity to showcase your board and body suit offers a chance to also check out the cool designs that others are riding and using.


Surfing in Huntington Beach has a long tradition and history dating back to the early-to-mid 1900's after the town became a city incorporating Huntington Beach in 1909.


Huntington Beach’s Centennial tribute to the city’s surf heritage and coastal environment will gather surf professionals and enthusiasts with their surfboards on Huntington City Beach adjacent to HB Pier to be a part of the world’s largest surf photo commemorating 50 years of professional surfing at the Huntington Beach Pier.

Huntington Beach hopes to attract the world’s largest number of surf fans for this historic photo shoot. Anyone with a surfboard (long boards or short boards acceptable – no boogie or skim boards, please); individuals, groups, families, surf clubs; or anyone who has ever experienced or would like to experience Huntington Beach is welcome.  Produced by the Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau, “Surfboards in the Sand” encourages surf enthusiasts to demonstrate their devotion to protecting the ocean environment while celebrating California’s classic beach lifestyle.

Registration fees are $10 in advance and $20 the day of the event. For more information, and to register for the event, visit or call (714) 969-3492.

Surfboards in the Sand, a historic photo opportunity in celebration of surf culture and our oceans. A historic Surfboards in the Sand photograph will be shot by, and published in, Transworld Surf Magazine and other select international publications.

Sponsored by the Huntington Beach Marketing and Visitors Bureau, SURFBOARDS IN THE SAND is an inaugural event celebrating surfing culture and promoting awareness for sustaining the coastal environment. Hoping to draw thousands of participants with their boards on the sands of Huntington Beach to demonstrate their support for preserving the coastal environment and to pose for a photograph published in Transworld Surf magazine and other national publications, a portion of event proceeds will be contributed to the Surfrider Foundation and Orange County Coastkeeper organizations in support of their service to the ocean and beaches of Southern California.

Individuals and groups who would like to be part of this historic event in Huntington Beach on September 19, 2009 should register online

Those who are not able to be in Huntington Beach on September 19 can show their support by purchasing commemorative SURFBOARDS IN THE SAND T-shirts online, with a portion of all proceeds benefiting Surfrider Foundation and Orange County Coastkeeper.

A premier coastal destination, Huntington Beach is the ideal location for a California family vacation or relaxing weekend getaway. With 8.5 miles of wide-open white sand California beaches, Huntington Beach is a destination of choice for vacationers and business travelers alike. To plan your vacation, or to learn more about Huntington Beach, you can make reservations at these beachfront hotels.


Throughout the 100 year history you can see photos people who came to the beach destination to camp, swim, fish, and enjoy vacations. While oil discover did much to blight the look of the beach town for well over 50 years, some considered that "black gold" and its monuments in the form of oil derricks and offshore oil platforms an inviting sight. Today you will still see offshore platforms, and continue to find patches of oil fields and pumps around Huntington Beach.


When oil production began to dry lessen around the 1980s and the oil monuments also began disappearing, the focus on tourism blossomed as palm trees were planted to replace oil derricks.  Surfing has always been loved and revered in the region and is especially popular because Huntington Beach is one of the few seaside Orange County cities that does not have artificial reefs and jetties blocking the waves needed for optimum surfing. An example of one such place that lost its prominence is down coast a few miles in Newport Beach's Corona del Mar. In the early 1900's it was considered a primo surfing spot. But with the creation of jetties to develop land assets and a pleasure craft harbor, the surfing was cut off. Today you can gaze from Corona del Mar's hilltop parks and look over to the places that robbed this community of its surfing heritage. The Wedge and Balboa Peninsula can be seen from CDM, offering glimpses and memories of what used to be. Another neighbor to Huntington Beach in Los Angeles County, Long Beach, likewise was known for its surfing at one time. But they built jetties there and the surfing instantly disappeared.


Surfboards and sand are two things that go hand in hand. In top surfing spots along the California coast such as Rincon beach on the Ventura - Santa Barbara County border, they call their shoreline a "rock dance", thanks to scant sand and many pebbled stones that lead into the ocean. If you try to walk along this surface, it can be tricky and not recommended for those who have brittle bones. Easy to twist an ankle of fall, you have to walk gingerly and search for the sand that exists a little higher on the beach shelf.


Surfing and sandy shores are an image that surfers love. There are many beaches around the world that feature  natural formations of sand, which range from powder and white sugar sand to Huntington Beach's more coarse, brown granular offering that's somewhere between raw brown sugar crystals and finer, salt like texture.  If you want to feel that sand between your toes, it's a comforting feeling except on days when the weather is hot. September tends to be one of Huntington Beach's warmest months. You will discover it an ideal time to take a vacation, so come visit and enjoy Surfboards in the Sand event, or just come to enjoy whatever you like.