photo girl on horse in Huntington Beach



Huntington Beach Equestrian Center Photos



Huntington Beach, Calif., California isn't just about surfing. Or birds. Or golf. Or jogging. Or bikes. Or hotels. Nope. It's about horses, as well. The only equestrian center in Orange County no more than a few miles from the beach, this decades-long operation allows the public to go rent a horse and trail guided tour for an hour or so.


Pictured above is a young girl and her beautiful pony that's just the right size for her, enjoying a ride along the trail to the stables or corrals and practice arenas. For those seeking boarding, the facility does rent spaces where folks can board their horses.


Although as a tourist attraction is most popular for those in the equine world who already own horses and are attending a few of the horse shows hosted throughout the year.






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