Huntington Beach Sweet Tooth Candy, Ice Cream, Cakes, and Bakes


Huntington Beach, Calif.--There's been a lot going on in the candy scene in HB. Sugar consumption doesn't seem to have gone down as the population grows. The sweet tooth craze is stronger than ever, in fact.

We went looking for some ice cream and discovered that in Downtown HB there are now over 4 ice cream shops--Cold Stone Creamery, Baskin Robbins, Mangiamo Gelato Cafe, and New Zealand Natural. Znow's Ice Cream - 16479 Bolsa Chica Rd., next to Starbucks is not bad. Extrapolate the numbers over the 28 square mile area and you get a lot of sugar. Pinkberry's in town. We hope it's doing well because it's supposed to be the healthy choice. Hmmmmm. For ice cream that can't be beat, try the Trader Joe's Vanilla (used to be called Double Rainbow). There are now 3 Trader Joe's in HB. Some actually prefer Thrifty ice cream. There are a few of those stores around, and people still line up inside to get an affordable cone.


As for pure chocolate stores, Huntington Beach could do better. We have a Seee's Candy and Mrs. Grace Chocolate Store. But for high quality Swiss chocolates, they're harder to come by. OOPS... we almost forgot. There are two Rocky Mountain Chocolate Stores in HB. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - 7777 Edinger Ave.,  (714) 901-3107
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - 200 Main St., HB, CA. (714) 969-0795  


Bakeries-- Well the bakery offerings have thinned out a bit since the old days. But Great Dane Bakery - 6855 Warner, (714) 842-1130; Cakebox, and Old World German Deli and Bakery are a few. For out of this world cinnamon rolls, visit Alice's Breakfast in the Park.






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