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Huntington Beach, Calif.-Huntington Harbour, comprised of five manmade Huntington Beach islands, and one or two Sunset Beach islands, has unique situation per its location. You have to pass through a channel to the Pacific Ocean, navigating Anaheim Bay.


For those in the military and especially naval operations, the location may sound somewhat familiar. This has become a routine stop for military craft patrolling international waters. The entrance to the bay is home to the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station. When 9-11 happened, this bay was closed to pleasure boat traffic, and those in the bay were stuck, hoping to get out, as well as those outside trying to get in to mooring.


Huntington Harbour features several marinas where guests can courtesy park their yachts and vessels to shop, dine, or stop by the pub at Pelican Isle. For boaters, the audience at this marina is primarily local homeowners from the nearby islands. Kayaking and Duffy electric boat rentals are two popular ways to navigate the waters surrounding the manmade islands. And in the winter during the holiday season, yachts traverse the waters after a two-day event, the Huntington Harbour Boat Parade, launches the season of the Cruise of Lights. This event allows the public to buy tickets and take rides in the channel to see the sparkling, holiday lights on many of the mansions lining the harbor.




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