california surfer at sunset

Surfing in Huntington Beach is a sport, activity, event, culture, music, museum and industry.


Huntington Beach, Calif.--Take a west facing beach. Add mild to moderate waves. Bring in the year-round sunny weather and no snow. Then introduce a sport to millions of people who can do it free of charge. That's a small part of what surfing is about.


Huntington Beach isn't an island when it comes to surfing. Calling itself Surf City, the signs are everywhere that surfing looms large here, however. As you enter town you may see signage with a surfer on it. Drive down the road and there's not one, but two statues of surfers, plus a huge cement surf board, Surf Henge, in a cement structure at Huntington City Beach. The statue of Duke Kahanamoku, the father of surfing,  is located on Main & Pacific Coast Highway. The other statue, Ultimate Challenge is across from the Hilton Waterfront.


Check into a hotel named Shorebreak Hotel, overlooking the waves breaking near shore. Drop by a museum called the Huntington Beach Surfing Museum, where surf bands play free concerts on Surfin' Sundays.


Wander to the Huntington Beach Pier and watch them surf beneath you. You can sign up for a surfing lesson at Zack's but as you wander to his "shack", check out the surf-themed tile mural on Pier Plaza.  Or walk down Main Street and buy a board, wetsuit, surfwax, or leash for your board. Once a year in front of Jacks Surfboards they have a Surfing Walk of Fame, and all year long, you can see the granite stones in the ground commemorating some of the important people of surfing. Across the street at HSS (Huntington Surf and Sport), you'll catch the Surfers Hall of Fame, visible all year long. 



 Attend a local school and join the surfing team. Practice your skills and join the pros, traveling the globe. You may event get to take part in the largest surfing competition in the mainland, the annual US Open of Surfing.


Drop by Duke's for grilled fish or steaks. It was named after the father of surfing, and each spring honors surfing with Big Wednesday events.


Are you getting the picture? Huntington Beach surfing is a big deal! About 10 years ago we created a surfing walk tour. We still think it's worth checking out. 


Are you ready for a surf vacation? Before you go, check the waves, water quality ( and surfing reports at 


Are you versed on beach safety? The number one killer is a condition of rip currents. Lifeguards serving Huntington Beach are some of the best in the U.S., but don't take a chance and find yourself being rescued because you didn't understand or weren't aware about the surfing conditions.


Surfing has a long tradition in Huntington Beach, an Orange County city located on the Southern California coast some 35 miles from Los Angeles International Airport and 40 miles from downtown L.A. Coastal surfing trips south to San Onofre, Encinitas (Swami's Blackie's, etc.), and San Diego are one of the favorite Coast Highway 1 drives. Much like a ski destination, the hotels are generally friendly and accommodating to your surf gear and surfboards you may bring with you or purchase to send home.


Types of surfboards made locally include: McCrystal Surfboards in HB