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Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Beaches in HB, CA



Huntington Beach -- The beaches outside the door of the Huntington Beach Hyatt Regency hotel in Huntington Beach are Huntington City Beaches. Just left of the resort property (across the street) is Huntington State Beach, as well. But for most purposes, you'll be spending your time on the city beaches of Huntington Beach during your Hyatt HB vacation. Why? The beaches outside your door and just over the walk bridge that passes above Pacific Coast Highway offer the jog, bicycle, skate and skateboard path. And they bonfire pits are right there as well. Add to that the convenience of Hyatt concessions should you need a little help in getting your party, group, or romantic event launched. Public restrooms, showers, and the Pacific Ocean are all just yards from the bridge.


Also located there is the beach parking lot. So if you have kids, do watch over them as you head for the sand.  The sand at the City Beaches of Huntington Beach is comparable to salt. It is grainy, and as you can see in photo, tan to brown in color. Soft to the feet, this sand is considered pretty good for sandcastle building.


The Huntington Beach Pier shown in the photo is approx. three blocks from the hotel and the best way to access it is a pleasant walk. You don't need to park yourself right next to pier. You can actually pitch a beach towel just across the street from the hotel. But for those who prefer, you don't have to spend 10-15 minutes and make the walk down to the pier. You can ask the concierge to call a pedicab.  The pedicab rides are free, but the peddlers work for tips, so expect to drop a couple bucks.


Special events throughout the year may create extra traffic on the beach outside your hotel, or downtown on Main Street. Surf City Nights on Tuesday nights, Friday Farmer's Market near the pier, and the annual US Open of Surfing on the south side of the pier all create an exciting atmosphere.


So if you stay at the Hyatt for its beach, you can expect a good time. And if you're ready to book a room, here's more information.




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