Photo of Dog and Kids at Huntington City Beach Dog Beach, Huntington Beach, CA


Huntington Beach, Calif.- If you're looking for Dogtown USA, in 2009 Huntington Beach, Calif. took on that name as America's mid-size city that pampers its canines. Pictured above is a photo of kids romping along with a dog and Huntington City Beach's Dog Beach. Now that's sweet!


Dogs are a favorite pet in the city where you'll often see parrots on people's shoulders as they ride bikes. There are all sorts of pets, but most often you'll see dogs at the beach, parks and downtown strolling with their owners along Main Street.


The city has specific rules about dogs. You can't bring them into restaurants with you unless they are certified seeing eye dogs and you hold certification to bring them. Nevertheless, there are cafes where you can eat outdoors with your pets nearby. Dogs are big business and for people holding off having families, dogs actually are considered their kids.


If you want to visit Dog Beach with a dog, you find it along Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach between Golden West Street and Seapoint Street.




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