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Huntington Beach, Calif.--If you'd rather admirer a shiny purple body on a classic beauty, you could be a car junkie. In the land where beautiful, tanned bodies fill the beaches all summer long, car lovers will tell you their hard body classics withstand all seasons, hot & cold.


Welcome to car lover's paradise--California! There are more car lovers and car collectors in California than any place on Earth. The hold thousands of car events, and in Huntington Beach, there are at least 60 that we know of!


Here are a few for you to check out--bring your car!


52 Times:

Donut Derelicts Adams Avenue Donut Meet weekly on Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.



Edison High School Car Show is an annual fundraiser for programs at the high school located in the southeast corner of Huntington Beach. 

More photos from this event  & more


BeachCruiser Meet - is held annually on Main Street and Huntington Beach Pier in March. See more


Elks Car Show Fundraiser


Concous d'Elegance is the largest, most elegant car show in the city, attracting car collectors from throughout California, and some from other states. They like the event location in Central Park, with its beautiful shade trees, great weather, and open, meandering hills.






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