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Huntington Beach, Calif.–Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort is known for its excellent catering, conference and banquet meals. It has been a community favorite for over a decade. But sometimes overlooked is the Shades restaurant faire. While this luxury resort hotel offers many amenities, one of its finest is its food.


The same great chef that's been on staff throughout most of its existence, Jeff Littlefield, directs his kitchen staff to prepare top quality salads, fish, steaks and other treats. The community loves to come out for the special event brunches on Mother's Day and Thanksgiving, but why not try dropping by for a special salad and soup, plus some dessert?


You'll be pleasantly surprised at the refreshing ingredients, light preparations that enhance flavors that originate from each food, and incredible accents such as slivers of pickled beets which I would normally dislike. But in this kitchen's creative culinary care, things that once seemed unappealing becoming surprisingly delicious.


The fresh spinach salad pictured above is one such example. Simple in it preparation, any salad aficionado knows the green stuff is the start of a successful salad plate. On this account, the Waterfront Shades "gets it."


Fresh, clean, crisp, cool, and accented by just the right amounts of sweet and salt, the salad I tasted include fresh boiled egg pieces and a slightly sweet vinaigrette, one of the hotel's best products they create.


On this particular evening I met a friend at the 2nd story restaurant overlooking the swimming pool and Pacific Ocean. It was one of those moist evenings where you're glad to be in air conditioning, yet can enjoy the ocean views from your table views.

Named Shades for the red lamp shades that hang from the ceiling creating a club effect, we suspect this restaurant has set sites on future transformations and re-names to reflect trends. That's one of the things you can appreciate about its operations. Innovation is key to keeping it fresh at Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach, CA!


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