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Huntington Beach, Calif.-Huntington Beach Art, Artists, Exhibitions and Galleries offer a wealth of entertainment and cultural enhancement. From the decades of public art and sculptures commissioned by individuals for private businesses, or as gifts to the city, to the Huntington Beach Art Center and privately owned galleries, art surrounds us at the beach. Thousands of talented artists live, work, create and even learn the trade through schools such as the public institutions that include an excellent art program at Golden West College.


While Huntington Beach is lesser known as an art mecca and more recognized as a youth culture attraction with beaches and surfing, there are many talents throughout the city who visit the beach and use it as subject matter or a source of inspiration for paintings.


For those who simply love art, the primary gallery we recommend to visit is the HB Gallery at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa that specializes in Todd White Art and is the largest U.S. dealer of his work; Bill Anderson Art Gallery in Sunset Beach (Anderson is a Huntington Beach based artist) that specializes in the works of Milford Zornes, Bill Anderson, Howard Hitchock and others; and Pierside Gallery in downtown Huntington Beach, the largest dealer of Vadik Suljakov oil paintings and limited editions. In addition, you'll find art exhibits at the HB Surfing Museum, and the downtown Huntington Beach Art Center.


Some fantastic artwork is also sold on the streets of HB during the weekly Surf City Nights, and the Friday Farmer's Market and Art- A-Fair. One of our favorite contemporary artists that sometimes appears there is Serafin. His themes range from surfing and beaches, to a variety of abstracts that include human forms, lots of dramatic color and brushstrokes, and seldom anything literal.


Some Huntington Beach art resources include:


Art Center Family Arts Day at Huntington Beach Art Center

Art - Huntington Beach Art Center Exhibit of Surfing Museum and California Surfer

Art - The Clock Doesn't Have Any Hands Art Exhibit Huntington Beach, CA

Art - Budding Artists Centered on the Center Huntington Beach California

Art - Centered on the Center Huntington Beach Art Center Art Show Non-Juried

Art-Ceramics Centered Huntington Beach Gallery

Art - Pier Plaza Mural Runner

Art - Tile Mural

Art & Artists in Huntington Beach - A list of art works

Art Banners

Art - Surf Henge Statue

Anderson Art Gallery Baseball Exhibit

Anderson Art Sunset Beach - Reggie Jackson Baseball Painting

Beach pictures - Huntington Beach is featured in a random picture gallery

Bird murals  

Bird Murals Huntington Beach Civic Center Mural Art from Seacliff Shopping Center

Centered on the Center Huntington Beach Art Show Non-Juried Artworks

Huntington Beach Art Center 

Public Art - Lady Sculpture

Surfer Statue  




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