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The Gallery Huntington Beach Art - Artwork of Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean Band 

Huntington Beach, CA--The Gallery Huntington Beach has experienced a few transformations during its several years in existence at the Hyatt Huntington Beach Resort & Spa. Launched in 2003 in a stand alone building at the then-new hotel, it began featuring the works of Todd White, known for his Rat Pack caricatures.


Another popular artist seen in the photo above is Toreen West. Following in the footstep of her mother, West has met commercial success both for her original creations and for her consignment artwork, often painting children at the beach in light colored, flowing outfits. The somewhat romanticized vision captures the flavor of the beach experience and innocence of the curious, youthful soul.


Then came Dean (pictured upper left)


Dean Torrence is a multi-talented individual with both success in the musical arena as part of the 60's band "Jan & Dean." He continues to travel the world performing the hits from that era today. But during his formidable years, Dean Torrence also worked as a graphic artist. His talent and keen eye has resulted in works that have graced many famous album covers as well as provided beautiful artwork that the public can purchase. His themes are often contemporary and surround the beach lifestyle, music and surfing.  Torrence has been featured at the Hyatt's unique Gallery. He is but one of the talented and interesting artists you may have the opportunity meet when visiting Huntington Beach. More about Dean

To learn about Deann's work and the venue where it's represented, call The Gallery HB at (714) 845-4835. Location: Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort, 21500 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach.






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