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Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce News



Huntington Beach, a seaside city of 200,000 in Orange County, California, enjoys a strong business community with major employers such as Boeing.  A four-year Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce staff member, Pam Wilkinson, took a new position in 2007 as CEO of American Canyon Chamber of Commerce. The fast-growing city in Napa County and Napa Valley where some of the world's award-winning wines are crafted and bottled, is eager to move to a smaller area that's set to grow.


Pam Wilkinson, 49, was named the new president and chief executive officer of the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce, replacing Dale Osmond, who retired in 2007.  Leaving her position as senior vice president of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce, she has worked with nonprofit groups extensively but said she found her niche when she took a job in Huntington Beach. Immersed in the business environment and programs to develop business strength and viability in local communities, Wilkinson said, "American Canyon is a growing community, and it's a beautiful place."

Wilkinson's new position: April 9, 2007




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