HUNTINGTON BEACH California USA  is a Photo Perfect Destination



Huntington Beach--Have you been to Huntington Beach (HB) lately? Old-timers who remember the Golden Bear, surfers' wetsuits drying in the second story windows of their budget apartments above Jack's Surfboards, and oil pumps lining Pacific Coast Highway next to the beach, are quite surprised at the transformation of the funky town. Activities include enjoyment of the ocean, beach and Huntington Beach Pier.


huntington beach gondolaToday Huntington Beach is one of the favorite Orange County California beach destinations for visitors traveling to Anaheim's Disneyland. HB's major attraction is its beaches. But something romantic and new is the Sunset Gondola Ride offered from expert gondoliers with a track record of marriage and proposal successes for their customers that makes this a romantic "sure bet." 


There are two small museums, a quaint Main Street shopping and dining region with youthful apparel and surfing items, lots of sandy beaches, a long pleasure pier to stroll on and watch surfers and sunsets from and several great resort hotels such as Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort and Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa across the street from the beach.


Sitting on the land where Huntington Beach Inn (a hotel that was the shining glory of the city until it entered receivership in the late 1970's) is Hyatt Regency Resort. While the price for a room has more than quadrupled, the new hotel retains similar beach vibes that once attracted kindred souls to the previous hotel, once enjoyed by business travelers, tourists, surfers and local residents.


Sharing  hot breakfast and swooping views of the same beach and waves that are there today, the O'Neill boys, Robert August and a cadre of successful surf pioneers once sat in green vinyl booths discussing wave conditions over scrambled eggs and Farmer Brothers coffee at a coffee shop that offered a hot, affordable meal and stunning views of the ocean.


BB King, Randy California & Spirit, John Mayall, Robin Williams and a "who's who" of the rock movement and comedy stayed in Huntington Beach, performing at the Golden Bear just down the street from the affordable beach hotels such as the Huntington Shores affordable with Grinder restaurant.


Those days are long gone. Today's attractions include shopping centers such as 5 Points Plaza, Bella Terra Huntington Beach Mall and traditional Downtown Huntington Beach that's changed in some respects, but retains its charm in buildings such as Perq's Nite Club. Once operating as a brothel and now as a nightclub featuring great rock & roll bands, the world's premier blues artist, Walter Trout, considers Perqs his home base on the rare instances when he's not on the road performing around the globe. Today you'll find new names such as Korn at Main Street's Tuna Town restaurant, owned by one band member who's hung copies of their platinum records on the walls...more >