Huntington Beach Bonfire Photos and Information - 3 Beaches of Bonfire Fun


Huntington Beach--Huntington Beach is not rare or unique in its bonfire craze. Building a whopping, crackling fire in a fire pit at the beach is an extremely popular beach activity, especially in the summer months from May to September. On any given night you'll see the yellow flashing light of crackling, dancing fires after the sun goes down over the perfect California beach town.

Three beaches of bonfire fun is what you'll discover when driving along the coast to Orange County's Huntington Beach. That's because the beach, though connected along its 8.5 mile distance, is broken into the stewardship of separate agencies. Like a patchwork of planning and coordination, the beaches throughout California are managed in this manner.

Three Huntington Beaches with fire pits and bonfire fun include from south to north: Huntington State Beach; Huntington City Beach; and Bolsa Chica State Beach. Which one should you visit to have a bonfire? Well that depends. They are all fantastic. And and throughout the winter, fall and spring, there's usually a cement ring to build a fire for anyone who desires one. But when summer comes, all bets are off.  The stake-out of a cement ring for a bonfire can be claimed as early as 10 a.m., no kidding!

Fire wood is sold at beach concessions in bundles large enough to supply you with about an hour of bonfire entertainment. The local stores sell bundles of wood, too.

You can cook hotdogs, roast marshmallows, sing songs, dance, kiss, hug and watch the sun go down around a fire. Some things to know include the seldom discussed considerations that your clothes will smell like smoke and as the temperature of the air drops, you'll teeter between cold and hot. The embers can blow and catch things on fire so keep the kiddies at a distance. And food tends to pick up a little sand somehow when you have it laid out on a cooler, blanket or whatever you bring along.

Use of the fire pits is absolutely free. The days to get to the beach really early if you want one include 4th of July and Labor Day weekend.  The chance of finding a pit (or even parking after a certain time) becomes an incredible challenge on those busy summer weekends running July through September.

3 Beaches Location: Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach from Warner Ave. to Brookhurst Street.