Huntington Beach Beaches in the Southern California Beach Town


Huntington Beach beaches include millions of grains of sand stretching along the Southern California coastline in north Orange County, California. For nearly 9 miles, tourists can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, surfing, kite or windsurfing, body boarding, rollerblade skating, skateboarding, picnics, special functions, RV camping, walking, jogging and kayaking along this blue Pacific strand. Three separate beaches look like one big beach but they are called different names because two of them are operated by the State of California and one is operated by the City of Huntington Beach.


For most purposes, they are nearly the same. The city beach is the most popular for special events such as the annual US Open of Surfing in July & August, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball and other sporting games and shows held near the Huntington Beach Pier.


Bolsa Chica State Beach


Bolsa Chica State Beach is Huntington Beach's northernmost beach. Operated by the State of California Parks, it includes firepits for bonfires and sits along Pacific Coast Highway directly across the street from the Bolsa Chica wetlands  that are officially called Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve.  Bolsa Chica State Beach is a favored location for fishing, family gatherings such as picnics and cook-outs and RV camping. It includes the largest RV camp facility that's open year-round for a 35-mile distance north or south from Dockweiler Beach in Los Angeles to Doheny Beach in Dana Point.

Huntington Beach City Beach

Huntington Beach City Beach includes many attractions that tourists love. It features the Huntington Beach Pier, one of the longest pleasure piers in California, Pier Plaza stone amphitheater where free summer concerts and weekly Certified Farmer's Market & Crafts Fairs are held, two restaurants on the beach (Duke's Huntington Beach and Chimayo's at the Beach), Zack's Beach Concessions and Catering, over a dozen major annual events from surfing to volleyball and a location next to Main Street. Main Street is the 5-block shopping and dining district in Downtown Huntington Beach that features over 200 shops and restaurants with indoor or outdoor dining.  Huntington Beach is also home to Dog beach located between Seapoint Street and Golden West Street on Pacific Coast Highway. Another popular attraction at Huntington Beach City Beach is Sunset Vista RV Camp facility, open during the off-season months (usually September through May).  Visitors to Huntington City Beach can find this beach on Pacific Coast Highway between Seapoint Street and Beach Boulevard.  Exit the San Diego (405) Freeway at Beach Blvd. or Golden West Street and drive south to the beach.

Huntington Beach State Beach

Huntington State Beach is Huntington Beach's southernmost beach located on Pacific Coast Highway between Beach Boulevard and Brookhurst Street. It features firepits for bonfires, beach concessions and shares an 8.5-mile paved beach path stretching along all three Huntington Beaches. Huntington State Beach is often home to fundraiser events that include walks and bike-a-thons to raise money for special groups.


Huntington Beach beaches map


Beach Parking


Beach Parking varies along the three Huntington Beaches. City beach parking features coin meters in some locations, allowing guests to park for as little as a quarter (25 cents) for 10 minutes.  Huntington Beach City Beach parking lots cost the most to park in of the three beaches. Daily fees are charged at entry points on Beach Boulevard. During the summer, the other City Beach lots charge a flat fee. In the off-season (September through May), several lots allow guests to pay hourly fees.  At the State Beaches, one daily fee is charged.


Along the Huntington Beaches there are many activities to enjoy. Here are some of the activities and attractions:


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