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Huck Finn Fishing Derby - California Fishing Derbies


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California Fishing Derbies provide opportunities for adults and youngsters to sometimes fish for the very first time and feel that tap-tap on the line. From costumed affairs such as the Huck Finn and Becky Thacher Fishing Derby in the Pacific Ocean off the Huntington Beach Pier to mountain stream fishing or Los Angeles City lakes, the events are varied but share one thing. All who participate, young and old, find that three-quarters of the earth that's covered in water can be alluring as the lures and bait used to catch fish in oceans, lakes and streams.


Fishing is a huge sport in California and derbies provide a fun way to introduce kids to the thrill of fishing. Often volunteers from civic organizations or the California Department of Fish and Game will come and participate, helping folks learn how to recognize when there's something on line and teach them the art of pulling it in successfully.  In addition to the Huck Finn Fishing Derby, you'll also find the Huck Finn Jubilee Country & Bluegrass Music annual Father's Day weekend event.


Free pier fishing locations


Fishing Derbies include:

Fishing Derby on the Pier
Huntington Beach Huck Finn Fishing Derby - Huntington Beach Pier
(for kids)
Lake Arrowhead Fishing Derby
Los Angeles Fishing Derby for Youth - Lincoln Park Lake

Manhattan Beach Fishing Derby
Marina del Rey  Halibut Derby (oldest & largest tournament in Southern California)
Seal Beach/Los Alamitos Rotary Club Fishing Derby
Shasta Lake Trout Derby

(Sierra Madre)  Huck Finn Fishing Derby & Campout






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