Huntington Beach Horses and Horseback Riding Rental is Available to Tourists on Vacation in California
mustard flowers and horses at equestrian center
girls on horses

Huntington Beach-- is home to many sports activities. One of the unique opportunities is an equestrian center where you can book an hourly guided tour through hills and meadows of Central Park, a 350+ acre park in Huntington Beach's heart of the city.

Do you fancy riding a horse on the Edwards Hill in Huntington Beach on a sunny summer afternoonn? If so, you can arrange horse rental from the only local equestrian center that offers guided tours through trails within the City of Huntington Beach's largest park, Central Park.  The trails offer low challenge riding in a pleasurable atmosphere but require reservations. In the winter and spring the hills are filled with wild mustard and flowers. Summer turns everything a golden wheat color and offers pleasant rides in the sun.

There used to be a polo club at the Equestrian Center and a decade ago the city celebrated incredibly lavish horse show fundraisers. Today the events are much more geared toward horse owners and riders, and aren't generally as interesting to the public as the previous events that included printed programs, corporate sponsorships, and unique derbies.

If you just like to watch or for some reason love that earthy smell of hay and a stable, you'll find the real horse environment equestrians who use the boarding services enjoy. Competitions occur several times each year at this venue, while must days you'll see people taking their horses out for rides, or training.  Tours are offered for adults and kids age 8 years and above.   Information: (714) 848-6565