BB King's Blues Club at City Walk in Universal City


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BB King's Blues Club at City Walk in Universal City

If you're looking for live entertainment from world class musicians on a nightly basis, the Los Angeles scene is playing your tune at BB King's Blues Club, Universal Studios Hollywood City Walk.


From Hollywood's classic music venues such as The Roxy and Whiskey a Go Go to the Universal City's City Walk with BB King's Blues Club,  Laugh Factory where Jamie Foxx and Jim Carey were discovered;  Sunset Strip Cabo Cantina that Fabio owned it, Hyatt West Hollywood where Led Zeppelin used to stay. Motorcyle races indoors. Used to be called "Riot West Hollywood."  The Comedy Store where Richard Pryor, David Letterman, Redd Foxx, Jim Walker and Robin Williams all performed.


Sky Box is the hottest night club. Not open to the public, you have to have your name on a list to gain entry. The plaza section of town- musical part of Strip Tower Records - Sheryl Crow and other famous people perform in parking lot when they have a new release.


Sunset Strip 1.7 miles long -

Whisky a Go Go - Doors got their start there as house band, also Janis Joplin.

Roxy Theatre where Sting has performed.

Rainbow Bar & Grill - Vincent Minnelli proposed to Judy Garland at Booth 1. Joe DiMaggio had a date with Marilyn Monroe there.

Key Club - Black Eyed Peas performed there.

Leaving Sunset Strip

The Viper Room- Johnny Depp.

Orange Grove Avenue is anywhere USA with movies such as 1984 - Street scene for Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween 2, Desperate Housewives, American Beauty. Some home owners receive between $500 - 1000/day for inconvenience of filming. 


Sunset Strip

Beverly Hills 5 Sq. Mil has good concrete and palm trees. No fast food restaurants. No. business license is gardening services. No. 2 is pool services.


Doheny Road - Greystone Manner. Ed Doheney was oil tycoon for son. Now a public park given to city 10-6. Studios used Greystone Manner in movies, The Wayne Manner in Batman, Harrison Ford's Airforce 1, first Charlie's Angels movie. 46,000 sq.ft.


Osbourne family with gates, get soaked with automatic hoses

Country Cottage with brown shutters was home to Carol Burnett  915 Foothill belonged to Frank Sinatra - he passed away. Big hedges. Rat pack  9521 Foothill is Guess Jeans owners, 9 Ferrari's in driveway

Spanish Tile roof / gate.  home of Dr. Phil McGraw and wife. Lexington?


Rexford - Edwin G. Robinson and Don Adams lived in the house.  Pink Palace Polo Lounge at Beverly Hills Hotel filmed Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy. Bungalows in back go for $2100 - 6000 per night

Howard Hughes a& Johnny Carson liked it. Sultan of Brunei owns it.

1000 N. Crescent Michael Douglas but they moved (Catherine Zeta Jones) to Montecito.

Filmed Benson at house with pillars.


Brick house Gene Hackman

1990 Danny DeVito Get Shorty filmed at 1017 2-story mansion also used in movie version of Beverly Hillbillies

Roxbury  Sydney Sheldon - Bewitched & Brady Bunch lived there. Neighbor Agnes Moorehead was convinced to be in Bewitched. Famous classical actress.

Ira Gershwin round driveway

Secluded house. Diane Keaton sold it 1999 to Madonna for $2 million. Spent $2 million on renovation

Peter Falk home has balcony with 3 windows (Columbo)

Jack Benny house had 2 chimneys - brick house

Lucille Ball house passed away there has 3 columns white house

10000 Sunset Blvd. driveway in front with statues is Judy Garlands estate.

Belair - no sidewalks

Helen Hunt home Mad About You owns show with Paul Reisser. Makes $8 million / year. White awnings

Johnny Carson - Joanna

Old White gate simple home - Elizabeth Taylor.

25 percent in Belair are doctors & lawyers

30-35 CEO, Execs

8 are misc

rest are in entertainment business

Mushroom style trees

750 Belair Road used in Bev. Hillbilly from 1962- 1971

Ronald Reagan estate by Secret Service has brown gate with mesh fence. Nancy lives there.

Father of the Bride was filmed 364

332 Iris Cantor for Sale with Coldwell Banker  $47 million

Fresh Prince of Belair filmed

All brick house was Dean Martin's now is Nicolas Cage 20 vehicles. Cage is Francis Ford Coppola's nephew.

9-5 with Dolly Partin was filmed

Holmby Hills

White house with picket fence with Spanglish. Practical house was used inside and out. Family got $5000/day for 34 days plus 2 week cleanup.

Largest house in SoCal or world is Aaron Spelling (deceased) 60,000 sq.feet ,

wife Candy and son Ryan live there

LA. County Club

Beverly Hilton Hotel building land belong to Merv Griffin. - Golden Globe awards Merv made most money in RE even though he

Then Regent Beverly Wilshire Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts (up the corner)

Rodeo Drive where Harry Winston Jewelers has limos to pick you up . Bijan - appot. only. 1930 City Hall was in Beverly Hills Cops.

Trubador Club where David Bowie got his start.

77 Sunset Strip 1958-64 wasn't actually there was filmed at another block

Chateau Marmount

3000 stars on walk

Gene Autry only to have all 5 - music, film, TV radio stage. Pay $15,000 star if accepted.