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Holly Wojhan Artist - Owner Melange Gallery Newport Beach


California art

Holly Wohjahn, artist

Holly Wohjahn, by all accounts, has met commercial success in the art world. Represented in one of France's finest art galleries, Holly's work is seen around the globe. The colorful, sometimes whimsical pieces have broad appeal with the almost doll-like faces of characters portrayed in scenes. One thing Holly had to accept when meeting success was that she would be required to reside in France a specified amount of time each year to qualify for representation.  She has accepted and embraced the assignment when other commercial artists in California or the United States would have chosen a different path.

While Holly works and resides in Paris, France (a requirement for representation in the prestigious gallery), the successful American-born artist knew long ago that there was an audience in the US for her work. She created an inventory of paintings and products from Paris and opened her colorful shop, Mélange Galerie & Atelier (Google translation: Gallery Mixture & Workshop), on Balboa Island. On sale in the designer boutique are Glicee prints, hand-painted lamp shades, flower pots, pillows, decorator serving trays and many additional items perfect for home and office decor.

Traveling back and forth between France and California, Wojahn does consignment work from clientele requiring items to specifications. While the affordable Glicee prints sold in boutique shop look every bit as colorful as the original art from which they originated, the affordability of these items make them within reach of the general public.

Ever since she was a child growing up in Portland, Oregon, Holly Wojahn painting has been in her soul. It has never diminished.

Mélange Galerie & Atelier presents the works of Parisian artist Holly Wojahn, a successful fine arts painter represented in the top gallery in Paris, Galerie Breheret, located at 9, Quai Malaquais, 75006 PARIS - Tél/Fax : 01 42 60 74 74 - International : +33 1 42 60 74 74 To mélange aspects of reality with idealism, fact with fiction, truth with embellishment; such pairing of contrasts infuse and characterize Holly Wojahn's work. The results are playful metaphors for common times and places we've all experienced.