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HB Wahine for The Girl Surfer in HB - Photos & Info Note: Store is Closed



HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA--HB Wahine Store with Surfboards and Surf Clothing for Girls Embodies the Cali Free Spirit. HB Wahine, 301 Main Street, #102, Huntington Beach, California  92648   Call: (714) 969-9399.


You'll generally find that people who start up a clothing shop or retail store have a passion or dream that they want to explore. HB Wahine, an all girls board and clothing shop that sells surfboards for wahines (girls) and offers indoor skate ramp sessions, was founded by a family of surfers with girls surfers in the family brood.

They've carved a niche in the Southern California surf scene by forming a girls & women's surf club, and staying true to the mission of selling cool surf style apparel for the youthful minded girl.

Having changed hands since its initial opening several years ago, the product lines have consistently been appealing and popular, not wavering from the stylish products such as tank tops, jeans, wraps, shirts, hats, shoes, bags, shades and boards.

When you're looking for a fantastic gift to give a girl that says "SoCal beach", the HB Wahine selection is not overstated. It's what a girl wants to look really hot, or cool.




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