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Things to Do in Huntington Beach, California


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA--Are you bored and looking for something to do in Huntington Beach? We doubt it. But just in case you're running short on ideas, let us help you. The obvious choices such as outdoor dining, pier strolling, sand castle building and jogging to the sunset are all there for you to enjoy.


We like to go to the beach and watch the sunset. It's always our first choice. Choice number two is go eat out.  Food is a crowd pleaser and some restaurants with atmosphere include Mo's BBQ, Lazy Dog Cafe, Fred's Mexican Cafe, Dukes Huntington Beach, Gyu Kaku and the Cheesecake Factory. Kiddies like Chuck E. Cheese.


The paved beach path (some call it a strand), offers many sports and things-to-do options.


The obvious, most popular choices are walking, jogging, walk the dog, bicycling, skating, roller blading and skateboarding.


In the ocean you can stand, swim, surf, body surf, skim board, kite surf, wind surf, sail and watch the whales and dolphins.


Shoppers can shop at the beach, shop at Farmer's Market at Pier Plaza, go to 5 Points Plaza, Bella Terra and Downtown Main Street. Nearby malls include Westminster Mall, Asian Garden Mall, Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza or Costco and IKEA for discounts.


For kids and adults, the paid sports activities include golf, frisbee disc golf, swimming, handball, rock climbing, indoor skating and ice skating. Free sports include skateboarding, tennis, volleyball, softball, basketball, soccer, playgrounds and more. Maybe these ideas are simple and not original. But we've offered approximately 25 starters.  Special events, concerts, movies and night club acts all add to the mix for popular entertainment.



Go out and explore Huntington Beach. And while you're out there having a good time, remember that there are no boundaries. If you care to go a few miles south or north, there's a whole new world of beaches, shops, restaurants, flower gardens, museums and things to do in Orange County, a Southern California destination.