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Huntington Beach Kayaking Photos and Information  California


Huntington Beach kayaks and kayaking in the Huntington Harbour is an affordable outdoor exercise for those seeking a healthy water activity under the sun..  Most days you'll see the colorful kayaks of yellow, red, blue and green smoothly pass by as you sit at a traffic light on Pacific Coast Highway near Anderson Street. They look like so much fun, that your first instinct says, "Pull the car over and rent one."

Why is that so easy to do? Because there are two kayak rental companies side by side, plus another shop a block away that rents kitesurfing gear for kite or windsurfing on the ocean side of the street at Sunset Beach. OK, it's a bit complicated to explain the boundaries between Huntington Beach and Sunset Beach. Huntington Beach beaches actually quit at Pacific Coast Highway and Warner. That's where they become Sunset Beach beaches.  but just across the street from the Sunset Beach beaches you'll find Huntington Beach's Huntington Harbour. Have we totally confused you yet?  Our apologies.  Anyway, that's how it works (with a small exception). One section of the inland side of channels is called Sunset Island. It's very small but really belongs to Sunset Beach, an unincorporated community in Orange County.

If you think your boating options stop with the kayak rentals we've mentioned, drive a stoplight more and you'll see the Duffy Electric Boat Co.  Electric boats are eco-friendly vessels used throughout Huntington Harbour as the island hoppers. Waterfront home owners use Duffy boats to go across the channel to visit a neighbor, rather than hop in the car and drive there.  The commute time isn't necessarily any faster, but the mode of transportation gets you out on the water. The Duffy boats are available for rent in hour or two hour increments. They're suitable for adults, adults with kids and seniors in a more sedate water activity for harbor sight-seeing. Equipped with sound systems and a table, you can eat and entertain for an hour or two rental time.

OK, so you've heard about kayaks, kite surfing and Duffy boats. That's not the end of your Pacific Coast Highway boating options. Another stoplight or two and you'll arrive at Peters Landing, where the Sunset Gondolas offer romantic or daytime cruise gondola tours.   With all these possibilities for a harbor option, the lure of the ocean across the street will hardly be noticed.

Sunset Yacht Rentals, 16862 Pacific Coast Highway, Sunset Beach, CA 
Open 365 days/ yr 
(562) 592-5537




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