Huntington Beach --

LOS ANGELES, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Pro Sports & Entertainment, Inc., an
owner, operator and marketer of live sporting and entertainment events,
announces that Panasonic has entered into a one-year sponsorship agreement to
be the "official electronics" of the Core Tour, a nationwide action sports and
music festival tour owned and operated by Pro Sports & Entertainment, Inc.
This agreement represents the fourth year of the Core Tour's sponsorship
association with Panasonic.

The Core Tour series is comprised of pro and amateur competitions in
bicycle dirt jumping, skateboarding, in-line skating, mountain boarding and
live concerts that are conducted at Venice Beach, California (June 11-13),
South Street Seaport, New York (July 17-18) and Huntington Beach, California
(September 10-12). Each venue hosts more than 100,000 guests during its
respective weekend. In its 4th year, the Core Tour is televised on the FOX
Sports Network's award winning Core Culture actions sports television show.
Panasonic will showcase its SHOCKWAVE(R) Digital Audio Player and the
e-wear(TM) SD Audio/MP3 Player through its sponsorship of the popular series.
The SHOCKWAVE(R) King of Dirt will showcase some of the nation's top bicycle
dirt riders performing aerial tricks such as spins, "tail whips" and "seat
grabs" while soaring as high as 16 feet off the ground. These tricks are
judged based on style, difficulty and overall impression. The e-wear(TM) Live
Music Stage will feature the best up and coming acts, as well as some local
power-pop/punk and alternative artists. Panasonic will also have a vendor
display booth that will be equipped with an interactive listening station, and
will be the distribution point for fan prizes and giveaways.

"We are very excited to team up with Panasonic for this year's Core Tour,"
stated Pro Sports & Entertainment, Inc.'s President and CEO Paul Feller. "The
SHOCKWAVE Digital Audio Player and the e-wear SD Audio/MP3 are two products
that cater to the Core Tour demographic and we appreciate Panasonic's ongoing
dedication to our event."

"The Core Tour is the perfect venue to demonstrate our SHOCKWAVE Digital
Audio players, which were specifically designed to accommodate the rugged
lifestyle so that you can take your music with you wherever you go," explained
Yong Lee, Product Manager for Panasonic. "Whether your 15 feet in the air, or
face down in the mud, with the cool styling, water-resistance, tough body and
wear-ability of SHOCKWAVE, if you can take it, we can take it!"

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