The World Championships of Skateboarding and the Vans Championships of BMX Drop Into Huntington Beach, CA,


Huntington Beach --

Skate parks started popping up all around the country, the first California Park was built in 1975 in Carlsbad, Calif., the beachside community where I rode my first board.

Into the 1990s, Huntington Beach had many parks springing up from Yorktown and Main to Goldenwest & Warner to the Thrasher Park. Skate parks are now a given in most communities.

Skate parks:

Promote healthy recreational activities for our children and the community.

Provide an appropriate and safe place for our children and youth to practice the sport.

Encourage our children to build self-esteem and confidence.

Help our children set and reach goals.

Help our youth engage in healthy independent activities with their peers.

Create a sense of community for our children and youth.

My family and I moved to Mammoth in early 1990, my nephews were 3 years old and 6 months old, what a wonderful place to raise kids and family. The environment we live in lends itself to so many outdoor activities in all seasons, but there was no place to skate.

I started becoming involved in the community and one evening as I sat in the audience at the Town Council meeting, in comes a contingent of local youth. Leading them were such memorable names as Mokler and Anderson. The kids wanted a skate park; they even offered to help build it. Well, after that memorable meeting, the town started listening as well as the community and up popped the concrete slab at Shady Rest Park. Was it really a skate park? Well no, but it was a start. Each and every day you can find our local kids out at Shady Rest Park skating.

Steve Klassen of Wave Rave built a wooden ramp in the back of his store. Each and every day you find our local youth and young adults practicing their sport behind Wave Rave on the wood ramp. Over on Mono Street and Manzanita the local kids built a ramp much like the dirt track for BMX activity in the Shady Rest Tract. The Shady Rest Park skate slab and Wave Rave ramps are still existing today, the Manzanita and Mono Street Ramp went away.

Why did our community start seeing places to skateboard appear? Because of the local kids and business community members. The town was on its way to developing a town supported certified skate park.