Huntington Beach California Historical Map Information


Huntington Beach --On a recent visit to downtown Los Angeles with lunch at the Pinot restaurant, we wandered through the plazas, past large buildings and the Wells Fargo Museum. Wandering inside, an interesting map caught my eye. It is an original map from 1889, showing Orange County, California.  On the map are boundaries drawn much different than today. Large blocks of land that would later become cities (now over 30 in Orange County) and one of the densest counties in California, show huge sections of land owned by an individual.

Its fantastic that a map such as this has been preserved and still exists, allowing people to seee  physical archived evidence of what existed just over a century ago. 

The map pictured above is on display at the Wells Fargo Museum in downtown Los Angles. An arrow points to Rancho Las Bolsas, a portion of which is currently known as the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve.