Some Friendly Competition 
in Huntington Beach 

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    Members of the Los Angeles Junior Lifeguard Program compete in a swim competition at the Huntington Beach Pier in July. Excitement reigns supreme in summer games. The beach keeps getting hotter as the biggest Extreme Sports competition in the nation, Panasonic Shockwave, rolls into town in July and August, along with the Gotcha Pro Surf Championship. 

    These are the finest of young men and women, fit to fight the forces of nature. The games brought riptides and strong currents up the coast from Mexico, only to fizzle out to one and two footers during the latter part of Gotcha. Winners of the event who went onto the nationals are pictured above from the Los Angeles Lifeguard Team.  Winning the competitions again and again, they placed first and are now the best lifeguards in the United States. Congratulations!