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  Huntington City Beach begins at Main Street & Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), extending north and south for several miles.  The beach is open from sunrise to 10 PM and provides trained, on-duty lifeguards during the daylight hours. Surfing is permitted as is swimming with water and wave conditions posted for safety. If you are unfamiliar with the ocean currents, a condition known as rip tides can cause even trained swimmers to be swept down shore or sometimes  into  pier pilings. Warnings are posted when rip tides occur. 





Parking meters on PCH accept only quarters and charge  25¢ per 10 minutes or $1.50 per hour.  If you plan to stay more than 5 hours, you'll save money by parking in the lot. Otherwise, meters are less expensive if you can find them. 

Arriving early  (usually before 10 to 11 AM on weekends) with a  willingness to walk, residential neighborhoods a few blocks from Main Street and the pier have free parking spaces in front of the houses. 


Cross the street at  the designated crosswalks on Pacific Coast Highway and look for the icon of a person walking to know it's OK to cross. A red hand on the traffic light signal means crossing is not permitted.  Tickets are usually  issued when violators are caught disobeying traffic signals and signs. There are few or no crosswalks on Pacific Coast Highway except at stoplights and while the traffic speed near the pier is 35 miles per hour, that changes to 50 mph and then 55 mph  once you've left the downtown region. 


While it is legal to ride bicycles on PCH, an alternative path is offered a few feet away on the beach. Whether riding a bike or opening your car door on PCH, look in front and behind your vehicle  to avoid unfortunate accidents which occur from time to time when motorists open a car door as bicyclists are passing.



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