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Huntington Beach Art


Huntington Beach is filled with hundreds of incredibly talented artists and a host of public art installations and pieces. Whatt's most amazing that they tell us most often, however, is they don't typically find an audience in the surrounding community. From Bill Anderson, a resident known for his Sunset Beach fine arts gallery and own creative works, to a host of painters and sculptors, we hear time and again that the local art scene just doesn't support them or their works. You'll find these artists' works exhibited around the globe, however, many in world class galleries.


With that in mind, what is it about art and its creators that requires we travel distances to acquire works we can sink our hard-earned cash or investment savings into? We haven't quite come up with an answer for that. But we can tell you what we've seen in HB that's enhanced the environment one way or another--if not just for pure appreciation.


When visiting HB, you might want to begin your art search at the Huntington Beach Art Center. Located in the heart of downtown on the Fifth block of Main, admission is free. There have been countless exhibits spanning many subjects and media.


How does Surf City's art stack up? Compared to other cities such as Laguna Beach, there aren't as many galleries. However, that's not to say that talented and world renown artists don't reside in Huntington Beach. One of its more famous art residents is Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean band fame.


Huntington Beach Library provides a gallery and venue for some of the local art club members to show their work. It is open to the public for your enjoyment.





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