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Huntington Beach California Historical Information


Huntington Beach Discovers Oil in 1920!


Oil or Black Gold was discovered in paying quantities in Huntington Beach in the month of August 1920. The first well was actually started by the Standard Oil Company in December 1919 and in August 1920, oil well A-1 was brought in producing approximately 100 barrels per day. This oil well proved that black gold could be produced and flowing the discovery of oil, Huntington Beach became the boom town of the west with wells springing up daily.


The famous oil well Bolsa Chica No. 1 blew in on November 6, 1920, producing 4,000,000 cubic feet of gas and 1, 742 barrels of oil per day. It took extra men to corral the oil that flowed over the surrounding farm lands. This oil boom attracted thousand of people and many operators started new wells daily.  The Town Lot Field was started in 1926. Homes were moved and again Black Gold was found in the town area between 23rd and 9th Streets near Ocean Avenue (now Pacific Coast Highway.) 


The whip stock method of drilling was first introduced to the world in 1932 in the Huntington Beach field by slant drilling into the tideland pool from the uplands.


Many oil wells west of 23rd Street are slant drilled into the tidelands and produce for the State of California over $1,000,000 per year in royalties.


The Huntington Beach field produces approximately 50,000 barrels of oil per day and has almost 900 wells active and inactive with several large gasoline refineries.