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Halloween and House of Mirrors Long Beach California, Pacific Coast Highway south of 2nd Street


A house of mirrors is a labyrinth of narrow passages that includes walls covered with special mirrors that distort the reflected images. From squatty and short to tall and exaggerated, people young and old will discover pure confusion in one of these carnival or Halloween fun houses. To add to the excitement, some houses of mirror include moving stairways or walkways that make for additional confusion. Difficult to judge whether something is in front of your face, or in the distance at the next turn, the house of mirrors is a great escape and five to ten minute trip into a fantasy world.  Your goal is to have fun and find your way out of the mirrored maze.


While the house of mirrors is most often seen at carnivals and fairs, variations of this theme are carried in Halloween haunts at commercial theme parks such as Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios and Disneyland. In those adventures guests are channeled through a maze of sorts that keeps audiences moving to facilitate the flow of foot traffic. 


Long Beach's Pa's Pumpkin Patch House of Mirrors is located in the large temporary parking lot that each year transforms into a giant entertainment center for kids and adults. Hundreds of pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors, kiddie rides, petting zoo, food stands and birthday party concessions are all located on this site.


After Halloween ends, the lot becomes a Christmas tree sales lot.