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Half Moon Bay, Calif.--Beach House Half Moon Bay is one of the sweetest hotels on the California coast. Located next to Surfers Beach, many rooms and suites overlook the ocean, the beach and Pillar Point Harbor where the lights glisten on the water at night.


Checking into to your bright, cheerful room, my digs actually felt like a home. With a bed on a one level as I entered the room, I had a two-step descent to the living quarters with a sofa, comfortable easy chairs, fire place, built in oak cabinets, kitchenette, and the patio deck where you can look out to the sea.


Half Moon Bay is like a dream to those of us who have only dropped by for short visits.  I can't get enough of the place, because it captures the essence of other spots that used to share the cozy California beach town look and feel. While most of LA has lost that sense of intimacy and simplicity, Half Moon Bay retains it today. No doubt many efforts and attempts to grow and expand have occurred. Some look at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay as one such intrusion. Growth has come slow to this mecca of surf, and Mavericks, the annual big wave surfing competition, by city standards.


When you look at these photos and discover that Half Moon Bay is not that far from San Jose and San Francisco, it really opens your eyes to what a gem this region boasts.  Having such a beautiful spot that's not yet high-rise buildings makes beach lovers want to pack up and move to Half Moon Bay.  Home prices aren't that out of site as we write this piece. Most houses are close to the beach so you much keep that in mind when considering buying the dream.


For now, if you want to get to know Half Moon Bay, stay at places such as The Beach House, the next best thing to home.