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Greg Clarke Photographer and Writer


Photographer/writer Greg Clarke on location


When you look at Greg Clarke's works and read his words, you quickly understand why this California-based photographer/writer is in demand.


Greg Clarke is not only a skilled photographer, but also has the rare ability to take images and bring them to life in stories that describe what it's like to live on the edge in Los Angeles. With a circle of friends that range from exotic models to talented musicians, Clarke captures the lifestyle of the young, hip, cutting edge artists who come to L.A. to make it.


Living near the beach in Orange County, photographer Greg Clarke caters to the Advertising, Editorial and Fine Art markets. Having lived in Africa, Europe, North and South America, and traveled throughout the world, his rich, varied experiences have opened a door, allowing viewers a glimpse inside this other world that seems far away, yet is closer than we realize.  Clarke's specialties are broad in range, but all revolve around a distinctive style and vision. Keen attention to detail, social savvy and consistent quality make Greg Clarke Photography the preferred choice for your next portrait, business function or social gathering.



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