Grand Cayman Islands





California Beaches Photo of Stingray Sandbar near Stingray City at Grand Cayman Islands


Photo Gallery captures a colorful scene on The Stingray Sandbar off the Coast of Stingray City on Grand Cayman Islands


National Geographic describes this excursion as “one of the most rewarding experiences in the underwater world". Stingray City at Grand Cayman Island is located near the coast and consists of a stretch of sand bars that cross the North Sound from Morgan Harbor to Rum Point. It is believed that the stingrays found at this reef first began gathering in the area decades ago when fisherman cleaned fish on the shallow sand bars. Rays discovered a steady, easy to obtain food supply, thus starting a daily ritual of heading toward the sound of the boat engines.


There are several ways to experience Stingray City. All involve a short boat ride, usually on a double decker Catamaran, of approximately 25 minutes to the sand bar area at the North Sound. Tours are available for a fee at the dock. Arriving near the sandbar, swimmers and non-swimmers alike depart the boat via a ladder to get in the water and pet the stingrays.. 


There's also a snorkeling trip featuring great visibility, friendly stingrays and fish and easy access. There's also scuba diving or a glass bottom boat trip. A glass bottom boat ride can be combined with a tour of the island and other tourist attractions such as the Cayman Turtle Farm and the tiny hamlet of Hell.

Grand Cayman Islands were hit in September 2004 by Hurricane Ivan. Rebuilding and rebounding quickly, Grand Cayman Islands has some fantastic newly-built hotel and resort properties. If you did not know better, you'd see the islands as a thriving boom town of growth. The tourism industry is going strong with the sites and sounds of Grand Cayman Islands are well worth the journey.



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