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Sunset Gondola  features Huntington Harbour excursions with the top American gondolier, Tyson Davis.  Parking is free and easy, restaurants are on site. It's simply a delight!


The Naples Gondola (Gondola Getaway) experience is one of Southern California's best attractions for intimate parties and gatherings. Invite friends and pay a fee per person to enjoy a ride along the waterways and canals of Long Beach's neighborhood known as Naples. Fronting the Pacific Ocean with the Port of Long Beach not far away, Naples is situated next to the Long Beach Peninsula and Belmont Shore, another region of Long Beach. If these communities feel like separate entities, it is because they once were.


Coronado Loews Resort Gondola - allows you to stay at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort and enjoy the ride at the property's dock outside the hotel. Very convenient for vacationers.


The gondoliers are very charming and entertaining. The silence of the waterways with hardly a sound of the oars against the water make this experience peaceful, enjoyable and even romantic if you go with a love interest. The gondoliers stop under every bridge and allow you to kiss your mate, according to tradition. They also sing beautiful Italian songs.


Other cities with gondola rides include Newport Beach and San Diego's Coronado Bay departing from Loews Resort dock.

Naples Gondolas, Boats and Fountain