California Gold Country



Blacksmiths at work 

Saloon falling down

The ghost towns and mining camps of California's mountain slopes, canyons and river beds--colorful places like Gouge Eyes, Ground Hog's Glory and Poor Man's Creek--mark man's scramble for rapid wealth in the 19th Century.


More than 100 years later, they provoke the onlooker to ponder what must have been a confused turmoil. There were those who tore the gold from crevasse and stream  bed  with fevered energy and those who traded, gambled  and connived to possess the riches.



Describing the ghost town as a shadow of its former  self misses the mark. Indeed, the crumpling buildings stand in desolate testimony to the concept. Yet, as one visits the locations, an emotional and provoked nostalgia hovers with an intangible spirit over the area.



No one can remain unmoved by that which remains.