Huntington Beach, CA's Gilbert Island Photos and Information


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA  --Gilbert Island in Huntington Beach, California features a neighborhood beach with kid's swings and a playground, several community parks and spectacular views of the upscale houses and condos that populate this residential area that's one of five Huntington Beach Islands.


Bounded by waterways and with channel views, Gilbert Island is a quiet neighborhood. Most the action in these island on-water homes is on the side of the "street" you don't normally see, the waterways and channels. During the annual light decoration contest and Cruise of Lights boat tours open to the public, guests realize the beauty of Huntington Harbour is on the water.


Homes, while designed and built to have great curb appeal, often are most beautiful seen from the water. That's why some Real Estate agents in the area own boats and give water tours for serious buyers looking to invest in Huntington Harbour.


Gilbert Island, the inner sanctum of two islands includes a commons area or public park with treatments added courtesy of the Garden Club. There's a playground with a bear sculpture, swing and slide in a children's play area that sits at the base of a small hill and lush green parkway. While the playground area is great for children. The walk over to the beaches of Sunset Beach, an unincorporated community with services maintained through the County of Orange, take approximately 10 minutes from Gilbert Island. Many residents simply drive.


For the tourist there are larger beaches with more activities for the family than the small beach at Gilbert Island.  This beach has limited parking in the summer, but is an enjoyable spot to sit in the shade and watch the kids play.


Huntington Beach, California - Construction began on the Huntington Harbour complex in 1963. Two islands, Admiralty and Gilbert, were included in the first phase of development. Today, Huntington Harbour contains five manmade islands offering a wide variety of home styles in both single family and condominium units. Every year, during the Christmas season, the Harbour residents present a “Cruise of Lights” by dressing up their boats with lights and decorations for a parade through the Harbour. Residents and visitors attend the nightly parades which have become a popular attraction.


The Huntington Harbour contains several political organizations and its very own yacht club with fishing trips. There's even a local magazine published just for Huntington Harbour residents.


To access the manmade island, you must turn inland on Admiralty Drive on Pacific Coast Highway near Peter's Landing. As you pass through Admiralty Island, traveling over three sets of bridges to enter Gilbert Island, you may notice the homes are fairly similar to those in Admiralty. You can see kayakers paddling the gentle waters, large yachts docked at homes and estates and a variety of landscaping and home decor from simple, original homes to the re-build houses and properties designed in scale and fascia to look like castles.


Admiralty   This development contains 90 single-family residences, nearly all with water frontage. Access is via Pacific Coast Highway at Admiralty Drive. 
Gilbert   Bounded by Admiralty Island to the west and the Main Channel to the east, it contains 100 home sites, two thirds of which are on-the-water locations. 
Davenport   227 home sites are evenly split between on-water and off-water locations. 
The southernmost island is accessed by taking Davenport Drive which the southern border of Huntington Harbour Mall. 
Humboldt   Two-thirds of the 335 homes are on-water locations with views of Christiana Bay. Access the Island by taking Saybrook Lane to Humboldt Drive.
Trinidad   No figures provided for the number of home on what is considered the most luxurious of the islands. Drive west on Edinger Avenue and turn left on Trinidad Lane. 




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