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Giant Surfboard on California Coast - Pacific Ocean



Giant Surfboard sets world record in Huntington Beach California -- A Guinness Book world record for number of riders on one board was set in Huntington Beach, California. A 40 foot Australian surfboard from the shop of Nev Hyman weighs more than 1200 pounds and was successfully ridden on the Gold Coast of Australia with over 40 surfers aboard in early 2005. The Big Board or Monster Board is 10 feet wide and 12 inches thick and requires 20 to 30 adults to handle it due to its size. Comprised of nearly a half ton of foam, 240 yards of 10 ounce fiberglass and 80 gallons of resin it cost approximately $35,000 to produce. Shipped in an ocean freighter to the USA, it was then loaded on a flat bead truck and delivered to Huntington Beach.

Hoisted onto the beach with a crane, the board was towed out to sea and then let loose of its tow rope as 47 surfers road the monster. The Big Board began the formal launch for Wave of Compassion Big Board World Tour, a yearlong fundraising effort for humanitarian organizations such as SurfAid International, Inc. and Feed the Children, Inc.


Surfing extremes are hard to come by in California but there are a few. Getting bit by a shark has happened to several surfers and that's pretty gnarly. But the extreme, calculated dangers are the ones that surfers intentionally head themselves into. Mavericks Big Wave contest is one. An invitation-only event, it is held when the conditions are right and the waves reach up to 50 feet offshore of Half Moon Bay. Some years the waves don't develop and the event is canceled.


Another extreme in California surfing occurs in events such as the US Open of Surfing when a surfer doesn't catch a single wave during the WQS 6 star event. That happened not long ago in Huntington Beach Beach (shown above). The waves just aren't normally that great for the July/August competition, but the culmination of extreme created simply nothing.


Small or large, big or tall, surfing in California is seldom extreme, but there are those moments.


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