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Placerville Hotels
Best Western Placerville Inn

6850 Greenleaf Drive
Placerville, CA 95667
Historic Cary House Hotel
300 Main St
Placerville, CA 95667

Ghosts of Placerville -  Cary House in Placerville


Pictured is the Cary House in Placerville California

California Ghost Haunting Tours


Ghost Tourists Visit Haunted Placerville also known as Hangtown, California


If the old buildings on Main Street could talk! One tour drew more than 50 people to the historic Cary House Hotel to reconnect with what some visitors say they can feel as the presence of unsettled souls.

Placerville psychic Nancy Bradley facilitated an event in which people gathered in the lobby of the Historic Cary House Hotel to be entertained and educated about Main Street, which Bradley said was filled with ghosts. The author of several books on the subject and host of a local television shows in Placerville and Sacramento has been  considered the local ghost expert.

The lobby of the old Cary House Hotel that was originally established in 1857 includes beautiful wood and glass cases with artifacts from over 100 years ago.  Guest registries, a gentleman's top hat, books and other items shown in the photos above can be viewed by tourists visiting Placerville and those who book a hotel room and stay at the historic inn.

On Bradley's visit,  she explored each guest room to get a feel for the "spirit-energy" there. Often she raised her hand to feel the air, sometimes she would shut her eyes, then tell the registered guest about the high-spirited visitors. It seems that many of these spirits forgot to check out decades ago, while many had lived in Placerville more than a century ago.

 Bradley explained the spirit of Arnold Wiedman, a horse and wagon operator in the late 1800s, along with his wife, Margaret and a baby once lived in Placerville was in Room 212 at the Cary House Hotel. Bradley pointed to a corner in the room, the place where the bassinet had been and said that Arnold died because of influenza and his wife and child had to live here until her parents sent her money to bring the two of them home.

Bradley explained how "cold spots" can be felt, indicating spirit activity. She said "there is a cold spot here" as she reached out with her left arm and felt the air and the bedspread on the right side of the bed. She also noted that when spirits cross in front of a person, the ghostly image can block or fade the person's image on the film. She encouraged others to feel for themselves.


A few local businesses opened their doors for Bradleyy's tour. At Rivendell Book Store, Bradley commented that the energy and air was thicker there, with very old spirits. At the Red Door Gallery, the air is different in than at Rivendell's, Bradley said, noting that Carl, a spirit from the 1800s, was in the building.


At the Hangman's Tree Bar located across the street from Cary House, Bradley explained that in the 1800s people were hung at this spot and that is why Placerville's original name was Old Hangtown. The root of that tree is still there, underneath this building. Bradley believes Darrell, a hangman from over a century ago, walks between the building and the Chamber of Commerce building where another hangman's tree was located. His energy is very cold, he has a spirit of remorse ... the heavier the energy the more you are dealing with ghost activity while charged energy or spirit energy is much lighter, she said.