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  HUNTINGTON BEACH California Restaurant - Gaya Kaku

Gaya-Kaku---When the popular Japanese BBQ restaurant opened in Beverly Hills several years ago, it quickly became the place where the stars do the cooking. Drew Barrymore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Fred Durst, Sofia Coppola and Bridget Fonda are celebs who delight in the exquisite flavors of hand-massaged Kobe beef, steaks, fish, chicken and vegetables that customers prepare on their very own smokeless charcoal grills. You won't complain about the cooking because you do it yourself in "can't fail" recipes that your personal food assistants instruct you how to cook. Watching over you without your ever noticing, grill experts constantly pass by your table, making adjustments to the fire, changing the grill top and making sure that your foods are not overcooked. With as little effort as picking up a set of tongs, you're on your way to savoring one of the most mouth-watering meals guaranteed to satisfy your hunger. Known for quality and service, Gaya-Kaku leaves a lasting impression with one of the highest repeat customer clienteles of any restaurant!

"If you burn the food, I am personally responsible and haven't done my job," said Emilyn, a pretty server with a sweet smile at the new Huntington Beach Gaya-Kaku restaurant that's located near Beach Blvd. and Warner Ave. Emilyn was required to take extensive courses, watch PowerPoint presentations, perform resident training and pass three tests to qualify for employment at Gaya-Kaku, a Japanese-based company that prides itself in offering the best customer service.

We got to test Emily's skills on a recent visit to this pleasant restaurant with intimate lighting, comfortable booths and a casual atmosphere that's enhanced by a Japanese tradition. When customers arrive or a food order is placed, one person announces the event and the entire food service staff chimes in enthusiastically in Japanese.

While the menu is explained to first-timers, my friend and I tried the Samurai (for 2 people). An excellent sampler that takes nearly two hours to consume, your meal includes Miso soup, delicious salad, Edamame, Ahi poke, three types of beef (including expensive Kobe kalbi), buttered salmon, garlic shrimp, bibimba Japanese rice that's a meal in a dish, and S'Mores for dessert. This awesome meal just keeps coming at you. Ideal for an evening of sharing and unwinding, celebrating a special occasion or for groups of friends, it's an incredible value serving two people for $80.

Our meal began with Saki served in a chilled glass, set in a serving box filled with more Saki to drink. Emilyn delivered the Miso soup and quickly followed up with a fresh, light salad plate accented with tender boiled egg quarters drizzled in a light, slightly sweet vinaigrette. We nursed the salad throughout the entire meal because it went so well with the meats and fish. From the fresh ahi to the thin-sliced meats, each dish offered generous portions for two people, more than enough. While the Kobe is heavenly, every entree offers superb quality. Three teapots filled with dipping sauces are offered at your table, two that are soy-based, ranging from slightly sweet to slightly salty. You won't need them at all but they do add an extra accent to the meal and offer variety.

Now unveiling another Gaya Kaku in Huntington Beach, it's reputation has preceeded this extremely popular chain. It's not only where the Japanese, Chinese an Asians go to eat, the word has spread to all, and you might consider making a reservation to guarantee a seat with your own smokeless grill.

An attractive couple, .... savored the meal they shared in a their private booth. JJJJ grew up with Gaya-Kaku in her home town of ... Japan. Now living in Costa Mesa, she couldn't be more delighted than to enjoy something familia and good.