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Galt, California


Galt is a Northern California city located in the heart of the Delta Recreation Area. The community was named after a town in Canada and was built along the Central Pacific Railroad.

Growing by leaps and bounds, this city with a population pushing beyond 20,000 features rich landscapes ideal for produce, parks and pleasure. In fact, Galt is known throughout Northern California for Galt Market, a food and produce farmer's market selling fresh fruits and vegetables, clothing and great gifts.

Shopping is still tops in tourism! And you'll find plenty of shopping opportunities in Galt at this marketplace. Items included are fashion apparel such as jeans, uniforms, shoes, socks, ball caps & hats, sports items, shirts, purses and more. Also shop for home electronics , silk and real flowers, glassware, ceramics, jewelry, wrapping paper, gift cards, toys, unfinished: furniture and decorative items. Held every Tuesday and Wednesday Rain or Shine all year except Christmas Day. from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Location: 890 Caroline Ave., Galt, CA 95632 Call: 209-366-7160.

Galt is a family-friendly city with 15 recreational facilities, a skate park for skate boarding, gymnastics, swim programs, T'ai Chi, Karate and tennis. Galt's beautiful golf club, Dry Creek Golf Course, is available for events and play.

One of Galt's historic gems is The Rae House Museum, a significant part of Galt history. Events held annually to benefit the Museum include Galt's Old Car Festival.

The Galt Old Car Festival is a one day event held annually in September on the fourth Sunday. Only cars manufactured before 1943 are on display. The cars must be original and must be able to be driven into the park. The Galt Area Historical Society sponsors this event at the McFarland Ranch just west of Galt. The event began in 1988 and began using the McFarland Living History Ranch in 2004. Exhibitors have asked that the Festival be limited to 100 car-owners to maintain the ambiance of a gathering.

Galt citizens have made a concerted effort to maintain their heritage with efforts to form an historical district. 15 major historic buildings were identified. They were listed as follows:

The Rae Residence - 204 Oak Ave.

The McAllister Property - 2nd & B Sts.

General Store with Gun Slits (Mortuary) - 4th St. Between A & B Sts.

Liberty Schoolhouse (Sperry Res.) - 4th Between A & B Sts.

Christian Church - Corner of 7th & B Sts.

Granny McKiristry's Home - 2nd St. Between B & C Sts.

Dr. Obed Harvey's Office - 2nd St. Between C & D Sts.

First Congregational Church (St. Luke's) - 3rd & B Sts.

McFarland Bldg. (Odd Fellows Hall) - 4th & B Sts.

Old Blacksmith Shop - B St. Between 4th & 5th Sts

Brewster Residence - 5th & B Sts.

First Courthouse & Jail - 5th St. Between B & C Sts.

First Telephone Exchange - 5th St. Between C & D Sts.

"Sunnysouth" Residence - 6th & C Sts.

St. Christopher's Church - 3rd & F Sts.

Galt has a rich history as a stage stop with a Wells Fargo Bank office.

Galt Area Historical, P.O. Box 782, Galt, Ca. 95632

Founders Orvell Fletcher, Eugenia Olson, Beatrice Hyenga Smithson, and Margaret Greer formed Galt Area Historical Society to embrace the history city of Galt and surrounding regions, including Alta Mesa, Arno, Clay Station, Colony, Elliot, Galt, Herald, Hicksville, Liberty, and Thornton.

The Rae House was built in 1868 by John Rae, a pioneer gold miner who eventually became one of Galt's biggest ranchers. In 1969, the Rae home, then 101 years old, was chosen the Centennial home and featured on the cover of Galt's Centennial Souvenir Book. Its Victorian Queen Anne Cottage style was considered typical of the pioneer homes of Galt's early history.

The Rae fell into neglect until1985, when the Galt Area Historical Society was founded and helped save the Victorian Rae home for a museum. And so the "Save the Rae" campaign. Even the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors funded the restoration.

On June 9th, 1991, the Rae House Museum opened its doors to honored guests such as members of the State Office of Historic Preservation, the County Board of Supervisors, Galt City Council and Sacramento County Historical Society. Tours of an empty house were conducted by costumed docents. Within a year, memorial roses were planted, a large stone was placed at the base of the new flagpole and a brass plaque donated by the local Rotary Club stated that the grounds were dedicated to the memory of the pioneer families that had been a part of the area history.

Rae Museum is docents offer special tours for school children and adult organizations. Special events hosted in the historic house include Christmas festivities, yearly Old-Fashioned Ice-Cream Socials, and a High Tea.

Its garden, once overrun by weeds, are filled with colorful roses with over 100 varieties of roses in bloom during the spring and summer months. The garden has been used for wedding and family portraits as well.

Inside the Rae museum the visitor is treated to special displays in the "Pioneer Room" and in the cabinets in the front parlor. A 200-year-old spinning wheel gives the viewer a feeling for the work of textile production of the past. The old wood stove in the kitchen and the round ice box on the back porch help visitors to experience kitchens of the past and the importance of keeping the kitchen stove tea kettle always filled with hot water.

The Museum is open once a month (call Raynette) on the first Sunday of each month from 1 to 4 p.m. Galt's Rae House Museum is located at 204 Oak Avenue, Galt, California.

Special festivals and events in Galt include an annual Strawberry Festival held in the Spring, usually in June and the Galt Old Car Festival in September.

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