NEW YORK Hi Debbie: Just looked at your web site and really enjoyed reminiscing about some of the places this New Yorker enjoyed on several previous visits. Enjoyed your site, and the quality of your photos. Keep up the good work. Even though I live in New York City, my wife and I have a nice secluded place in upstate New York (in the Catskill Mountains) about 130 miles from NYC. NYC can be a dreadful experience if you don't know your way around, but if you stay in the "touristy" areas and don't wander too far off, it is a great city. I've lived here all my life and never had even the slightest problem. Take Care, Dennis 
Channel Islands  
I found your page as part of the "TheTropics" awards and it looks very good except one thing, you left out the channel islands just off the coast. Some of the islands you can visit and some you can't. I understand that only about 30 people have set foot on all the channel islands, Santa Rosa, San Magel, Anacapa, Santa Barbara, San Nicolas, Santa Catalina and San Clemente. I don't know if you would be interested in that aspect of California as part of your page. Anyway, nice job.  Conary 
Texas Hi Debbie, I LOVE that you gave the photo help! I was wondering how YOU protect your good shots that you may want to sell or something--they're so good! Are they copyrighted or what?  BTW my sisters used to live in San Diego and my brother lived is Sausilito (sp) and I got to visit only twice! I LOVE California---now I want to visit again! Thanks for sharing! Susie (in Texas) 
Orlando, Florida Debbie-* I love your creative input onto your site! My family and I use to live in Southern California. We are currently living in Orlando, Florida until August. We started traveling because my husband is a traveling Surgical Technician.......You might say we're gypsies! LOL......I too have the passion for photography. Hope you'll visit my website and sign my Guestbook. (I'm new with my site and I always have room for improvement) Take care! Venus 
California  - San Diego  Hello Debbie. The pictures are really great! And you did a big job! I will like to link your page to mine, if it's ok for you. If you like my page  it will be also nice from your part to do the same. Have a beautiful day and hope to read soon of you. Marc ( le "touriste")               SAN DIEGO 
TEXAS  Hi Debbie, I used to live in California.   Growing up, I was nearly unique in being a native Californian.  Almost everybody was a transplant, even most of the elementary school kids. I plan to start adding travel photos to my web page in addition to the computer related content.  I like what you're doing with you photos. Did you inhance the Huntington pier photo, or was did the fountain fill in the center occur in the picture naturally? Regards, P. T. 
Washington, D.C hi debbie,,,,great stuff !!! 
feel like taking off to california right away!!!!  hows it going? 
im doing well,,,,,memorial day weekend is super,,,,,,we had a FREE 
concert last night,,,,LITTLE RIVER BAND and KANSAS played,,,,it was so cool,,,,,i had grown up with both of them so it was special for me,,,,from  D.C. 
Belmont Shore, California Hi Deb, I love your site, with all the terrific pictures, the only thing missing is a guest book. I'm a native Californian myself. Seventh generation, born at LA County General, now living in Belmont Shore, Long Beach. Where exactly are you? I assume from the tour that you're here in southern California. Well keep it up. No wonder you won that award! --Kat 
^. .^ 
= ; = 
Bangalore, India Debbie,  
I'm from Bangalore, India and have just got on to the Net a couple of weeks back.I'm still trying to learn and get familiar with the various options available.That's how I stumbled  
across your lovely site! Hope to  
someday design a site as nice as yours. 
It is a wonderful site. I'd like to copy it on my subjekt Island Bornholm in the Baltic See.  I am sure i cant do half as good as you.   Thanks from Ole