THINGS TO DO @ BeachCalifornia: EAT!!!

California Dining

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There's no finer setting to dine in than the Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage.  The 4 Star Hotel sits atop a hill overlooking Palm Springs.  The property is 1st class from the drive up valet to the elegant dining rooms which offer food presentation as seen above.  Pictured is a specially prepared desert with a caramel shell covering delicious ice cream. 


Foodies are a demographic of people who travel for the love of a good meal. More than 45 percent of today's food dollar is spent away from home and that number goes up when you travel. The state of California offers nealy 74,000 restaurants and drinking places with top chefs vying for top hat in the California dining market. Everything under the sun can be found, but most interesting is the mix of cultural styles and food preparations seen in California cuisine. 
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