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California Flowers and Botanical Gardens  -  California Beach Photography 

California Flowers and Botanical Gardens are some offer the finest collections of native plants, rare and endangered flowers and fauna, and lovely spaces for the public to enjoy throughout California.  Wherever you travel in California, you'll find flowers of some sort, even in the desert regions after the rainy season. Flowers offer solace in times of sadness, delight in times of joy and food sources for the birds, bees and even humans who can enjoy certain types of edible flowers. Many of the flower gardens offer tours or brochures to guide you through you journey. Most charge a modest admission fee but you'll find that the price you pay is well worth the time it takes to water, nourish and supply valuable land space for these public places.  Copyright - All photographs posted on this site are ┬ęcopyright 2007. Permission is not granted for use of any kind.  By viewing these photographs, you, the visitor, must abide by US Copyright laws that prohibit borrowing, copying, publishing or posting of these images appearing on

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California's mild climate is ideal for growing all types of flowers. most regions seldom experience a freeze which means that you can grow flowers all year long in green houses. California continues to produce large sums of cut flowers for the commercial florists nationally and around the globe, while the flower seed industry seems largely to have gone south of the border. 

When you consider that Californiaa's economy is as large as many country's and is the largest in the U.S., you'll understand why flowers are so available, and affordable in California. When you visit, be sure to stop by one of the local Certified California Farmers markets for some fresh cut California flowers.