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Folding the  American Flag 

In 1777, the Continental Congress of the Unites States declared what the design of the American flag would be and the decorum it was to receive..  

To properly fold the flag, fold it once, lengthwise. Fold it again lengthwise.  
Then begin folding into right angle triangles, starting on the end with the red and white stripes.  
There will be 11 such folds.  Here is what they represent:   

1-  Symbolizes life  
2-  Eternal life  
3-  Honor and remembrance of past veterans  
4-  Our weaker nature and trust in God  
5-  Our tribute to our country  
6-  Where our hearts lie  
7-  Tribute to our armed forces  
8-  Valley of the shadow of death  
9-  Womanhood  
10-  Fatherhood  
11-  Hebrew tribute to King David and King Solomon 

    I pledge allegiance  
    to the flag  
    of the  
    United States of America  
    and to the republic  
    for which it stands... 
    one nation,  
    under God,  
    with liberty  
    and justice  
    for all.  




    When complete, you should not have the white portion showing. Tuck it into the tri-fold so that you  end up with a tricorn. 

    The American flag is displayed in most government offices and schools in the United States and the Pledge of Allegiance is normally given before meetings and at the start of programs. Participants are asked to put their right hand "over their heart" and repeat the pledge in unison.